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Southern Highlands Food & Wine Association
Southern Highlands Food & Wine Association Membership

Industry Membership

For the year 2021/2022 the membership cost has remained at $25 for every member. It may change in the future, but this will be proposed in due time for 2022/2023 renewal. 

Are you in the food & wine industry here in the Highlands? Perhaps you’re a producer, or maybe you own a restaurant. If you’re a business engaged in food and wine-related activities in the Southern Highlands, you qualify for membership!

  • Participation at a reduced cost to all the events created by the Association.
  • Monthly newsletters (to start at the end of the 2021 year)
  • Regular access to news from the State Government various bodies related to your industries.
  • Support on a case-by-case basis for any issues faced with the Council, the Government, at the occasion of a specific problem.
  • Invitation to regular meetings organised by the Association with different experts relevant to your industries.
  • Generally speaking: any assistance we can provide to an industry or an individual member to support and develop their businesses. The members of the board have a wide range of skills and expertise which are available to our members.

Friends & Family Membership

This membership is designed for people who aren’t in the industry, but who are just as passionate about good food, good wine & good produce!

Of course, it’s open to locals to join, but people outside of the Southern Highlands who want to support the Association and the region are more than welcome too!

You’ll be kept in the loop about, and invited to participate in, Association events, and you’ll be notified once something new gets popped into the calendar.

Southern Highlands Food & Wine Association Membership